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LyoDose beads are spheres of customizable lyophilized material that contain a specified volume of material per reaction, while maximizing surface area for rapid reconstitution. Our solution is customizable, scalable, and regulatory integratable with full solutions – supply chain, formulation, lyophilization, and fill finish.

>200m beads
Annual equivalence
Volume unit dose
100s to 10s millions
Lyodose beads

Why Lyophilization?

The benefits of lyophilized products include reduced refrigerated warehouse requirements, lower shipping costs, simplified product use, and longer shelf life. Lyophilized products are easy to use, maintain functionality, and reduce the need for cold chain by both you and your end user.

We’ve worked with many clients during their transition to lyophilization, each citing their own specific reasons for choosing to go ambient. Once our customers discover the benefits lyophilization offers, they identify multiple opportunities to use lyophilization in their product portfolio, especially in the LyoDose format.

We've built a national lyophilization
center of excellence.

Bringing Leadership to Lyophilization

From small-scale projects to high -scale on market products. From Life sciences and applied markets to high-scale commercial products, and highly regulated clinical IVD products.

Frozen v. Ambient

Which reagent delivery method do you prefer? We offer a wide range of reagent lyophilization services options.


Large insulated containers
Large and heavy freight cost
Dry ice = CO2
Shorter shelf life

It's like shipping rocks!



Small jars / containers
Small and light freight cost
No dry ice = good
Longer shelf life

It's like shipping air!

LyoBeads Benefits and Versatility with a Global Reach

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3-Phase Argonaut Lyophilization Platform (ALP)

All work conducted by Argonaut in the ARGONAUT LYOPHILIZATION PLATFORM for a clients customized product in lyophilization format is performed through Argonaut’s proprietary Argonaut Lyophilization Platform (ALP) system.

The ALP system can accommodate all common and most of the less frequently requested formats for diagnostics, life science reagents, and point of care cartridges and devices.

Argonaut has a full analytical laboratory that can provide a full menu of QC tests and Stability Studies (Real time and Accelerated).

The ALP system incorporates hundreds of variables controlled by Argonaut lyophilization experts to provide the optimal Argonaut LyoDose™  bead or in-situ lyophilized product.

The Argonaut Lyophilization Platform is scalable from 10s of thousands to 100s of millions of units.

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