Lyophilization of Reagents- Go Ambient!

Developing a lyophilization process for your reagents can be challenging. Critical drying parameters must be mapped, excipients tested, and functionality determined. Knowledgeable personnel are hard to acquire. And then you have to scale everything up.

The Argonaut team now includes the pioneers behind LyoDose™ beads, bringing decades of lyophilization experience to our broader manufacturing portfolio. The result? A practical, no-nonsense approach to lyophilization projects. We know what works, and your project reaps the benefits.

Ambient Advantage
LyoDose Beads
Vials & Powders

The Ambient Advantage

Transitioning from liquid solutions to LyoDose beads or lyophilized powders can generate significant technical advantages. However, the operational benefits could be even greater and may encompass:

  • Lowering cold chain costs
  • Cutting waste by reducing carbon footprint (Green Initiatives)
  • Fewer user errors by reducing mixing steps and service calls
  • Preventing obsolete inventory by extending shelf-life
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LyoDose Beads

LyoDose beads are spheres of customizable lyophilized material that contain a specified volume of material per reaction, while maximizing surface area for rapid reconstitution.

  • Room-temperature storage
  • Unit dose 2µl-60µl volume
  • Up to 20 year stability
  • Customizable formulations- from latex solutions to paramagnetics and more

Read more about the advantages of lyophilized beads here.

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Vials & Powders

Sometimes conventional powders are preferred for your application, and Argonaut delivers these with the same room temperature storage and stability as LyoDose beads.

  • Microbeads or bulk powders
  • Vials
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Argonaut Infrastructure

Manufacturing experts see beyond the walls and software package to evaluate key capabilities. Our infrastructure complements your need for quick product deployment, including:

  • Humidity-controlled environments
  • ISO particulate control
  • Lyophilizer & specialized equipment
  • Statistical Process Control
  • FDA cGMP compliance
  • Custom packaging
  • Scale: Currently 500K+ LyoDose beads per week, now scaling to 1M+ per week
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