Introducing BioFuse™ Sample Prep
Simplify Your
Molecular Assays
  • No Pipetting
  • Your Lyophilized Reagents
  • Easy to Use for POCT
  • Great for qPCR, Colorimetric, Isothermal Assays

Simplify Your Assay

Introducing the BioFuse Sample Prep. Just twirl your sample swab into the reagent mixer, screw the cap on, and rotate to dissolve your lyophilized reagent. Snap the tip and squeeze to deliver a calibrated drop into the device. Easy- no pipetting.

Customized to Your Requirements

Argonaut customizes your assay into the BioFuse format with our proprietary excipients. You can even calibrate the droplet delivered into your device to your specification. It can be white-labeled with your product name and kitted to your needs.

An Essential Part of Your Product. Why?

Adding this to your product improves the end-user experience and moves your assay up the value chain. Reducing user skill requirements opens broader markets, including POCT. The simple, lyophilized format is also ideal for environments where resources are limited or training is constrained. Request your sample and test, then custom order from us.

Check out the BioFuse Sample Mixer in Action

Simplify Your Molecular Assays
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About BioFuse™
A: Standard sizes are 0.5ml-3.0ml but custom sizes can be accommodated.
A: Humidity will degrade the lyophilized beads.
A: Yes, you can place your own product name and branding on Bio-Fuse.
A: Yes. We can package other components with your customized Bio-Fuse solution.
Bio-Fuse Sample Prep is Patent Pending

Free Sample

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