Increase Your Profit Margin with Lyophilization: Benefits for Reagent Kits & Diagnostics

benefits for reagent kits

Lyophilized Products: Benefits for Reagent Kits

Lyophilization is a hot topic in biotech and pharma, as numerous suppliers are introducing lyo-ready or pre-lyophilized products to the marketplace. As a result, demand for lyophilization services is growing at a rate that exceeds the current number of trained experts. Benefits of lyophilized products include reduced refrigerated warehouse requirements, lower shipping costs, simplified product use, and longer shelf life. The future of lyophilization continues to balance higher upfront costs versus long-term benefits as improvements in conventional lyophilization technology efficiency are sought. If your product uses cold chain logistics, requires user pipetting, or has a short expiration window, there are significant benefits to introducing a lyophilized version.

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