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Product Launch
Scale-Up & Volume

Product Launch

Transitioning out of research and into the market is tricky. The art inherent in the science becomes the art of manufacturing. Flexibility needs to be retained, from BOMs to protocols. What was done individually by hand is now done by teams and machines. New opportunities rise. Can you capture the cost savings? Argonaut’s team has extensive experience in this key phase, having launched hundreds of products in the industry. Our team can help your team:

  1. Protocol Design
  2. BOM construction and sourcing
  3. Scaling & Ramp-to-Revenue
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Scale-Up & Volume

Putting together that logical flow to gain efficiencies is no easy task. When your team is faced with high mix and low volume products it is particularly onerous – time to market is as critical as quality and cost. Yet balancing capacity is near impossible as each product has unequal work times. Orders flowing onto the work floor create chaos and bottle-necks, a constant game of whack-a- mole. Argonaut’s experience within biotech and across industries can help your team:

  1. Lean Manufacturing Design & Implementation
  2. Specialized kitting and product planning
  3. Process optimization and value engineering
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Just because a product has been in the market for a while doesn’t make manufacturing decisions any easier. Key customers still need it, but inefficiencies are cropping-up: Smaller batches, less frequent cycles, and potential loss of manufacturing knowledge. Is it time to free up your resources, or is it time to revitalize the product? With either decision, our team can help your team:

  1. Protocol Transition
  2. Knowledge Transfer & Documentation
  3. Small Lot Manufacturing
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Cut cold chain costs, stabilize reagents, extend shelf-life, and improve user experience by choosing to lyophilize your formulations. The LyoGen team has joined Argonaut and brings the experience, customized tooling, and protocols to get your project into a new format that re-constitutes instantly. Options include:

  1. LyoDose™ beads for unit dosage
  2. Microbeads or bulk powders in vials
  3. Custom formulation stabilization
  4. Custom packaging
  5. FDA cGMP compliance
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