simplify molecular assays with BioFuse Sample Prep

Simplify Molecular Assays: Argonaut Manufacturing Services Launches BioFuse Sample Prep Device

Simplify Molecular Assays with BioFuse Sample Prep Device

Carlsbad, CA, 7/25/22 – Argonaut Manufacturing Services (‘Argonaut’), a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) serving the biopharma, life sciences, and molecular diagnostics industries, today announced the launch of BioFuseTM* Sample Prep device.

BioFuse is a disposable cartridge solution that enables seamless integration of lyophilized reagents, sample filtration, and removal of pipetting steps to greatly simplify complex assay workflows. BioFuse requires no electricity or instrumentation and requires simple processing steps: addition of sample (e.g., swab stored in VTM or Lysis buffer) to a mixing tube, placement of the BioFuse cap onto the mixing tube, invert by hand to dissolve the lyophilized reagent(s), snapping open the dose-specific dispensing nozzle, and squeezing to load the BioFuse assay contents to an instrument or device (e.g., POCT, OTC, qPCR, lateral flow strip).

“BioFuse is a tremendous advancement toward POCT assay simplification,” stated Wayne Woodard, CEO of Argonaut. “Diagnostic developers will be pleased with the ability to customize BioFuse to their assay parameters, instrument manufacturers will appreciate not only simplifying their device but also opening their platforms to more assays, and of course end-users will find the simplicity of the device refreshing as opposed to the ever-more complex tests they usually face.”

BioFuse components are modular and can be customized in multiple configurations according to dosing requirements, filtering, fill volumes of diluent, and lyophilized reagents. BioFuse supports key molecular assays including PCR, isothermal amplification, lateral flow, and colorimetric tests.

“BioFuse is an Argonaut enabling technology, leveraging our expertise in lyophilization and assay workflow simplification,” said Mark Nowakowski, CTO of Argonaut. “As a result, our clients are able to offer their products in the POCT and OTC markets.”

Woodard concluded with, “This demonstrates Argonaut’s commitment to enabling client innovations by providing more service and solution options from your contract manufacturing partner. We look forward to sharing this innovative solution with Argonaut clients.”

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About Argonaut Manufacturing Services

 Argonaut Manufacturing Services is an FDA-registered cGMP contract manufacturing organization (CMO) dedicated to providing custom manufacturing and supply chain solutions for biopharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Aseptic drug fill/finish features state-of-the-art automated equipment for high-yield filling of sterile injectable drugs including biologics, peptides, small molecule, and vaccines. Diagnostic manufacturing includes proprietary lyophilization technology and a spectrum of kitting capabilities. Projects are supported with full analytical quality control services including warehousing and global shipping logistics. Serving innovators in the life science, molecular diagnostics, and biopharma industries, Argonaut provides a wide range of flexible solutions for diverse outsourcing needs.

*Patent pending

BioFuse – Simplify Molecular Assays
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Argonaut Manufacturing Services Launches BioFuse Sample Prep Device, Simplify Molecular Assays

Argonaut Manufacturing Services Launches BioFuse Sample Prep Device, Simplify Molecular Assays

Argonaut Manufacturing Services Launches BioFuse Sample Prep Device, Simplify Molecular Assays

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