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As a contract manufacturer, Argonaut understands your needs. With years of combined manufacturing experience in the biotech space for both large and small companies, we’ve been there. And that’s why we are here for you.

For us, manufacturing isn’t a routine of formulation, mixing, filling, labeling, kitting, and packaging. It’s our priority. Our experience in each manufacturing stage complements your team and is applied to your product.

And we are absolutely clear about what we won’t do – compete in the market with you.

OEM Reagents to Drug Product Manufacturing


Manufacturing isn’t easy – especially in life sciences. Products don’t launch or end. They form a constant cycle, each phase with its risks and rewards.

That’s where experience comes into play. You have to make the balance work: budget, timeline, and quality. The hardest part often isn’t the product at all, but putting together a team that works.

And while no team is perfect, you know better than others your teams’ strength, and frankly where you need more support.

Like you, we are makers.

Call and let’s discuss the right solution for your product.

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