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Don’t Miss the Opportunity – Increase in Diagnostics Manufacturing Demand

Message from Argonaut CEO Wayne Woodard – Global Increase in Diagnostics Manufacturing Demand

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy in this challenging time of unprecedented change. I want to share with you how Argonaut is serving clients in these unpredictable times. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global increase in diagnostics manufacturing demand. In order to quickly scale their test kit production, many companies are seeking out contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) like Argonaut. With 32 different tests already approved for emergency use authorization and dozens in development, there is more demand for manufacturing capacity than available supply.

Argonaut is Meeting the Need for Increase in Diagnostics Manufacturing

Argonaut has rapidly transformed our manufacturing and commercial operations to serve COVID-19 relief efforts. Early on, we recognized the necessity to expand our manufacturing capacity and meet demand without impacting our foundation of quality. Argonaut has scaled up by hiring additional experienced technicians, enabling us to maintain our high standards, and we have expanded our warehousing capabilities to match with the recent addition of a second facility. To speed the inquiry process, we have implemented a new streamlined pricing model that reduces the turnaround time for COVID-19-related quotes to 48 hours or less.

Argonaut has capacity available to serve your project today

Regardless of the increased global demand for contract manufacturing, Argonaut has capacity available to serve your project today. We continue to monitor the global demand for contract manufacturing and scale our operations, as needed. Whether you are racing to enter the COVID-19 diagnostics market, introducing a new product, or reshoring an existing SKU, Argonaut has a solution to meet your needs.

Argonaut is ready to help your team. Contact us for more information and learn more about our COVID-19 services.

Wayne Woodard


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