Facility of the Future: Our takeaways from the ISPE Aseptic Conference 2019

The always-essential 2019 ISPE Aseptic Conference was held in North Bethesda, MD and we were there to assess the trends, check out the leading-edge sessions, and share lessons with industry leaders. Read on to find out what we found interesting or co [...]

Your Guide to Outsourcing Reagent & Assay Lyophilization

Upgrading your reagent or assay with lyophilization offers many advantages, but it can be difficult knowing how to start the process. At Argonaut we work with a wide range of clients, from the smallest startups to the largest biotechs. While these co [...]

Lyophilization Process- The Argument for Specialization

Lyophilization is the process of preservation by freezing the product, lowering the pressure, and removing the ice by sublimation. The lyophilization process has tremendous advantages in pharmaceuticals and reagent kitting, and is becoming a foundati [...]

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How a tightening labor market impacts Biotech and Pharma Manufacturing

With the latest release of employment data from the U.S. Labor Department, it is apparent that, at least in the short term, unemployment is nearing a fifty-year low. While that should cheer new graduates in the Life Sciences, the news may foretell a [...]

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Key factors in choosing the right biotechnology contract manufacturer

Choosing the right contract manufacturer to partner with is critical for your business success. Get it right, and a good contract manufacturer relationship gives you superior supply chain leverage. Choose the wrong contract manufacturer and you risk [...]

Increasing Cost of Innovation. The 3rd Driver of the Foundry Model in the Molecular Diagnostics Industry

Part Three – Increasing Cost of Innovation The third driver that is triggering the growth of the foundry model in Molecular Diagnostics is the ever Increasing Cost of Innovation. The similarity between molecular diagnostics and the 1980’s chip fabric [...]

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The 2nd Driver of the Foundry Model and how it’s shaping the Molecular Diagnostics Industry

Part Two- Leveraging Commonality The second driver that spawned the growth of the foundry model was the ability to Leverage Commonality. By the mid 1980’s, the techniques used to manufacture a wafer and eventually a semiconductor chip were largely co [...]

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Three Reasons why the Foundry Model will revolutionize manufacturing in the Molecular Diagnostics Industry

Part One - Keeping Pace in Innovation The foundry model is poised to fundamentally transform the biotechnology sector. As it revolutionized the semiconductor industry in the mid 1980’s, the foundry model brings to molecular diagnostic companies a met [...]

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