The 2nd Driver of the Foundry Model and how it’s shaping the Molecular Diagnostics Industry

Part Two- Leveraging Commonality The second driver that spawned the growth of the foundry model was the ability to Leverage Commonality. By the mid 1980’s, the techniques used to manufacture a wafer and eventually a semiconductor chip were largely co [...]

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Three Reasons why the Foundry Model will revolutionize manufacturing in the Molecular Diagnostics Industry

Part One - Keeping Pace in Innovation The foundry model is poised to fundamentally transform the biotechnology sector. As it revolutionized the semiconductor industry in the mid 1980’s, the foundry model brings to molecular diagnostic companies a met [...]

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Learn how to keep your manufacturing train from derailing

This animated video explains how biotech and diagnostic companies can reduce manufacturing risk while getting to market faster. The manufacturing journey doesn't have to be hard. If you want reagents, made right, watch this video. Want to learn more [...]