Open Biopharma and Argonaut Manufacturing Services selected to host BIO International Ecosystem Tour in North County, San Diego

CARLSBAD, CA, Mar. 3, 2020 Open Biopharma Research and Training Institute and Argonaut Manufacturing Services announced today their selection as a Biotech Ecosystem Tour for the 2020 BIO International Convention. Ecosystem Tours are competitively chosen by BIO to best represent the local biotech community and innovation to convention attendees, and this tour will explore the San Diego region’s North County biotech hub of Carlsbad. The tour, aptly titled “The Future of Biomanufacturing: From Concept to Application”, will also mark the first joint event of Open Biopharma and Argonaut’s partnership.

The tour will bring attendees to the forefront of biomanufacturing by visiting both Open Biopharma; a CRB FutureFacility™, and Argonaut; a state-of-the-art GMP contract manufacturer featuring automation and advanced robotics.

Open Biopharma is a nonprofit educational biomanufacturing training center and research space which provides sandbox ballroom laboratories and training courses. Open Biopharma’s goal is to reduce the cost of biopharmaceuticals by reducing research and training-related market inefficiencies, and in turn lowering drug prices. Eventual drug production is accelerated by the availability of cost-effective pilot programs and resources.

Argonaut is a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) for life sciences, molecular diagnostics, and biopharmaceuticals, which requires industry-leading technology and flexibility. Tour attendees will experience Argonaut’s state-of-the-art GMP facility, featuring functionally-dedicated cleanrooms, lyophilization capabilities, and an automated drug product aseptic fill/finish line. This modular clinical and commercial filling platform is the most advanced of its kind, and is optimized to minimize risk and maximize drug substance yield for high-value and low-volume filling applications.

In combination, the tour of both facilities will educate attendees on the development of next-gen biomanufacturing concepts and how they can be applied. Open Biopharma and Argonaut’s leadership teams will be available during the tour to engage with attendees on potential partnership opportunities.

“The Future of Biomanufacturing: From Concept to Application” BIO International Biotech Ecosystem Tour will take place Monday June 8, from 10:00AM to 3:00PM and is now open for registration. To sign up for the tour, visit to register or modify your existing registration.


Open Biopharma Research and Training Institute

Open Biopharma Research and Training Institute is a nonprofit who aims to help the market lower the price of drugs by reducing the cost of biopharmaceuticals. To accomplish this mission, Open Biopharma facilitates hands-on in-demand and future facing industry training; from Cleanroom Operations, Environmental Monitoring, to Lyophilization and more. Open Biopharma’s unique space and Open Platform (Social Learning Management Software) are also designed to encourage and promote soft skills and help growing businesses. Open Biopharma’s campus is the first of its kind, designed using CRB’s FutureFacility™ concept. Open Biopharma’s heart and soul are the 1400Sqft Sandbox ballrooms laboratories available for novel equipment testing, pilot batch pre-production, and testing of combinations of equipment from different manufacturers. Training can also be co-developed during testing of equipment.

Argonaut Manufacturing Services

Argonaut Manufacturing Services is a cGMP contract manufacturing organization dedicated to providing custom manufacturing and supply chain solutions for biopharmaceutical, life science, and molecular diagnostics companies worldwide. With state-of-the-art equipment, ISO 13485:2016 compliance, and FDA registration, Argonaut meets your regulatory requirements. Services include high-yield aseptic fill/finish, reagent formulation, filling, kitting, lyophilization, and analytical support. From diagnostics to drug products, Argonaut provides a wide range of flexible solutions for diverse outsourcing needs.

Drug Product Fill/Finish

The world’s leading fill/finish technology is available for you in our facilities. Equipped with advanced robotics, our automated state-of-the-art line is specially designed to reduce risk and maximize fill yield.s

Reagent and Kit Manufacturing

A complete cGMP supply chain service is available for your diagnostic or life science kits. From formulation to QC, and kitting to shipping, we handle your manufacturing needs. Trusted by industry leaders.

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